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Sustainable development relies on social sciences. Social science and social research on the other hand are dependent on theories and practices. Development is carried out by various agents including the Not for Profit Organisations (NFPO). The functionaries of NFPO, Human Rights and development workers/activists and scholars are constantly engaged in action and research and critical analysis to ensure that human development efforts and human rights activism is effective and people centric.

These articles and other HDRC publication are aimed to contribute to body of knowledge, human rights and development related theory. Diversity, social inclusion, gender, equality, development alternatives, democracy, secularism, livelihood options etc are some of the themes covered under these articles and publication. Most of the articles are perspective articles based on experience, academic teaching and engagement with people in India and Afghanistan.

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Women on the margins & the role of NGOs in India

Afghan after 5 years of democracy- Afghanistan times 6 apr 2009

Afghan after 5 years of democracy- 6 april 2009 Afghanistan Times 1-4

Article- T-group learning 2 July 08

Interview by STEFANO VECCHIA 28Oct2010

Bribe and corruption violate people’s right to development in Afghanistan - published on 200710 AOP

Credit and liabilities of Mining natural resource in Afghanistan - published in afghan online 22 jan 2011

Dalit Human Rights - Social action.published.2004

Development and Social Transformation


Empowerment of women_VIKALP_2004

Eradicating Human Misery_published_2008

Gendered socialisation_women's link_2005_publised

Globalisation and Democracy.published.28.jul.06

Imagine new south asia – article

Inclusiveness and equalitarianism - values among youth

Introduction of Shia law - AFghanistan times 2009

Is there a Christian way to development?


Next Five Years of Democracy and Gender Justice in Afghanistan - Afghanistan Times - 4 oct 2009

Organisational culture and NGO performance for HRI 2008.published

Peace in Afghanistan

Profit making organisations and development in india

Published article - Afghanistan on the Eve of 2009 Election – SERRANA

Role of Academia & Universities in rebuilding of Afghanistan in Afghanistand Times 30may2010

Roots of NGOs_published in management & change

Shia Law - a Socio-Political Consideration - published 27 April 2009

State, Market and Civil Society in the era of globalisation_csd_published

The leadership role of principal.JEA.published-2005

Violence and the Stance of Clerics in Afghanistan - published in Outlook Afghanistan 19 April 2011

Women As Marginalized Subset published 2007

Women on the margins and the role of NGO's in India - Dabhi 09