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Human Right Cell

Initially, the Legal Cell came into existence in the Year 2002 to provide Justice to Communal Riot Affected victims. Later, it was named as HRC with widening it’s scope to support the Human Rights Movement of Dalit, Adivasis, Women and Minorities in Gujarat and create awareness about legal rights, action and laws. HRC also aims to prepare panels of para-legal, local people’s groups who would be able to initiate action soon after any Human Right Violation takes place and able to advocate their due rights.

HRC empowers people through regular trainings on legal aspects and advocacy. HRC also does research on legal aspects and welfare of the people on the incidents happening and documentation is done of the same. Printing of pamphlets, handbills and booklets regarding legal information, verdicts of High Court and Supreme Courts and forthcoming new legal laws and policies of government is done so that it can be distributed to marginalized communities, organizations and groups. HRC supports the legal action to be taken against the atrocities done to marginalized people and women or communities to fight for justice. Also in other cases where ever needed legal advice is given to any poor or marginalized person or community. HRC conducts 4 seminars every year to give information on provisions given by different Acts and Laws passed by the government, issues faced at village level and other related topics. Issues are discussed and the strategies to deal with them and the legal processes are also formulated in these seminars. Along with this legal guidance is given for Public hearings at village level and it is documented so that the information can be used for proper advocacy and submitting memorandums.

HRC also assists local organizations (ASVS, BDS, KVVS, AVSC) in Legal interventions like PIL, PAA-89. This unit also Links with other Human Rights network of the Country to build public opinion regarding Human Rights violation in the State and build pressure for implementation of polices for justice.



Child Labour,



Atrocity on SC & ST, RTI, UCLA 



Collaboration with NGOs working with focus on legal action & awareness

Training students, social activists

Creating cadre of local


Lawyers – capacity building

Investigation Team of women

Capacity building of BSC, PO staff

Documentation and publication

Cultural Group

Resource Centre

Advocacy – with govt., mass media


State Level

District Level

High Court

Dist. Court

Analysis of legal cases, strengthening resource centre

Creating database, analysis, direction to action

Spreading awareness, creating more groups

Interventions for making and amending laws

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