Flood Relief in Banaskantha and Ahmedabad
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Flood Relief in Banaskantha and Ahmedabad
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Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Work in Banaskantha

The heavy rains in Gujarat after the 24th of July, 2017 have led to the destruction of houses, property and the loss of lives across the state. The situation is particularly serious in the North Gujarat district of Banaskantha. Water was released from dams like Sipu and Dantiwada causing a number of deaths due to lack of insufficient notice, and significant loss of shelter and property.

Among the worst affected areas are Dhanera, Danta, Kankrej, Vav Tharad, Deesa and Suigam. In Dhanera town alone more than 50000 people need food and water. There is heavy loss of life, property and cattle. Along with interventions by voluntary organisations, Government interventions have started also in these areas. Other areas which did not receive as much media attention, such as Dantiwada, are still difficult to reach, Government interventions have not yet started and the situation is dire. People are left without shelter, food, water and access to medical care, in an environment likely to lead to illnesses.

The Human Development and Research Centre along with other organisations like Unnati, Banaskantha Dalit Sangathan, Action Aid, Vikalp and NCDHR, many of which already work in these areas, have started our interventions. Over the past two days, two teams have worked at the level of the villages to do an assessment of the damage and determine the immediate areas of intervention.

The focus of the intervention is to ensure that all those affected, specially people from marginalised communities, receive immediate relief. The teams will distribute dry food and water pouches, since food stocks were damaged in the floods and water sources are contaminated; tarpaulin to provide immediate relief for those whose houses have been submerged or destroyed; medicines and sanitary napkins. Medical help will also be provided by a team mobilised for this purpose.

Once immediate relief measures are taken, the process of rehabilitation will have to begin, and the organisations will work to ensure that Government relief and rehabilitation measures reach all the affected areas and people.

The work undertaken has been made possible by the participation and solidarity of a number of institutions and people. If you are able to contribute to the relief and rehabilitation work, please write to us at the email hdrc@sxnfes.org.


Heavy rain and floods in the North of Gujarat has put the state in a dreadful situation. Not only rural Gujarat, but urban Gujarat, including mega cities have been highly affected due to last few days’ heavy rain falls.  There has been a huge impact on the city of Ahmedabad too, where around 15 to 20 slums have been under water for more than 24 hours. Around 522 families (i.e. Chamunda (50) Girdhanagar (50), Keshvaninaga (35), Nehrubridge (50), Cheepa Rog (10) Kalupur (20), Meghaninagar (42), Khoda camp (25) Shankarbhavan (30) Jubiliee (40), Kankaria lake (10), Suryanagar (100), Bhoobhavai (60)) have been badly affected and of course these group of the affected people are labourer groups, who has to struggle every day to fulfil their daily needs. The heavy rain and water logging led to these slum dwellers losing their basic household goods, clothes and their huts have been damaged.

Human Development and Research Centre has reached at these affected areas, and is assessing the priority needs of the affected families at present. Within 1-2 days, the families will be provided relief for their basic needs and will be helped with plastic sheets, dry food packets, drinking water pouches and sanitary napkins for women.

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