Updates from Vav and Tharad Taluka, 3 August 2017
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Updates from Vav and Tharad Taluka, 3 August 2017
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 Team Members: Sangeeta Parmar, Priyanka Christian, Joseph Patelia

Day 1:

1st day of a meeting was in Tharad block, wherein Khanpur, Nagla, Dodgam and Morikha (Vav) are the villages that have been highly affected. Among of these villages, that have been visited by team are Khanpur, Nagla and Morikha.

1st visit of a village was in Nagla village. Nagla village has a shape of a soccer, where in all the houses of marginalized communities are in lower surface. This has led around 70-80 families to migrate to village school. Its more than 10 days that this family have took shelter in village schools.

2nd visit of Morikha village was at some extent similar to Nagla village, as even here around 50-60 families have sheltered themselves in village school.

Day 2:

1st visit on 2nd day was at shiv nagar society- dhanera.  The society has around 400 families, wherein 100+ families are of dalit community. The whole land of this area is under government control, and all the families stays here illegally. Now, this is one those areas, which has been affected badly in the flood. Even though Majority of the household is badly affected, residences won’t receive any cash relief by government.This whole situation found to be taken for advocacy.

2nd visit was of thavar village, wherein some of the Valmiki and scheduled tribes houses had been visited. The condition of houses in this village are very bad, as majority of them have been highly damaged. 

3rd visit was made in bhanjna village of dhanera block.  A village here had around 3-4 dalit families whose houses were fully destroyed. Also, in the distribution of cash dole by government, 3-4 dalit families were found not involved in the list of beneficiaries.

Day 3:

On a 3rd day of field visit, a group had visited runi village of Kankrej block, which is the most affected village from all. Runi village is also a one which is fully affected by flood water (100%). Visit of Valmiki vas in a village made a group realize, how they remain excluded even by relief work.

Overall observation of whole trip is as below:

1. Kankrej is one of the blocks, wherein relief work is needed, apart from that both in tharad and dhanera focus needs to be given much more on monitoring part.

2. Khanpur, Nagla, Dodgam and Morikha( vav) are the most affected ( 100% affected) villages. Visit of these villages made it realized that enough of relief work comes to these villages.  No more relief in these villages is needed, instead focus needs to be given more on monitoring on distribution of cash dole by government. Through a visit in bhanmjna village of dhanera, improper attitude of sarpanch towards dalit families has found, wherein dalits are highly expected to be discriminated in receiving cash dole. To overcome this situation, a group of volunteers needs to be punctual enough to monitor whole system.

     3. Issue of shivnagar society of dhanera block, is a seviour one. Advocacy needs to be taken up in this case, as families that are staying in this area are not less than from last 60 years. Even then they do not have land on their name. Loss in recent disaster is very high, but the relief by government is unpredictable, as legally all these 400 houses have illegal; stay in shiv nagar society.

      4. In general, a common observation is that, in tharad houses are still under water, though comparatively livestock of families in tharad is not affected a lot. While both in dhanera and kankrej, families have lost not only their livestock, but their crops as well. Farming land in all the blocks are fully washed away, which is going to affect the families a lot on a long term.