Updates on Banaskantha Flood Relief, 30 July 2017
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Updates on Banaskantha Flood Relief, 30 July 2017
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 The various teams sent to the affected villages in the Banaskantha area have sent in their assessments and lists of requirements for the affected families. The reports show that the number of affected families from among the SC, ST and Muslim families is significant (more than 1600 families of the total of 20000 in DhaneraCity). In Runi, 20 Dalit families residing in close proximity have all lost their lands to the river Rail. Dhanera has also seen 15-20 deaths due to inundations by the river. In the cases in which families have lost their earning members, the situation is going to be dire in the future. In Vasan, agricultural farms have been destroyed and washed away. Runi is among the most affected villages are Gola, Bhatib, NaniDugdol, Shiya, Hadata, Alvada, Vasan.

The initial assessments indicate that what is needed are tents and bamboos; cooking kits along with water, milk, oil and basic necessities; blankets and bedsheets; sanitary napkins and other products.

HDRC is helping the Banaskantha Dalit Sangathan with its relief work, through various committees set upat the levels of Dhanera City, Tharav, Vasan, Runi etc. Even in these dire circumstances there are instances of caste discrimination, with pressure from the so called upper caste communities in Runi to vacate the school where the Dalit affected families have been affected, and some of the members of these communities asking why the Sarpanch even tried to save the lives of people from the marginalised communities.

However, our teams have also witnessed efforts which need to be appreciated. Bharatbhai Dabhi, sarpanch of Runi, in Dhanera has mobilised his entire family in order to resist the pressure to evict the school premises. They have also saved 300 people. Ashrafbhai Gadlawala from the Valmiki Vas in Dhanera City has helped with the removal of the bodies of those dead in the floods. There are, of course, many others who could not be mentioned here, but we felt the need to let examples like the two above speak.

Tarpaulin, blankets and kitchen kits have been sent to the affected areas, like Tharad; and in the Dhanera area, Reliance Foundation has made available two mobile vans. The Government has also started distributing cash dole for those affected and has put out a notification regarding the compensation to be provided for the loss of life, property etc.

For more details regarding the local-level assessments, follow the links to the PDFs.

Banaskantha Flood Primary Overview

If you are able to help, please contact:

Vasubhai: 9925674742

Dalpat Bhatiya (President, Banaskantha Dalit Sangathan): 9426582859

Nanjibhai Hadiyal: 9824922794

Chetanbhai K Solanki (Dhanera): 9687270563

 Alice Morris (HDRC): 9825311422